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Thread lifting is a contemporary, yet established, option for facial rejuvenation. It can be applied as an alternative to a face-lift, or as a means to postpone the need of one. The material consists of thin, absorbable („Happy Lift“) sutures, or non-absorbable („Aptos Lift“) monofilament sutures. These are provisioned with small bi-directional barbed threads from the same material or with small cylinders from polylactic acid („Silhouette Lift“).

Gesichtsstraffung mit Fäden | München

Thread Monofilament with bi-directional barbs

The teeth on one end anchor themselves to the underlying subcutaneous tissues and the barbs on the other end grab and gently lift the skin in the desired direction. Thus, there is a resulting gathering of facial tissue and skin, which solidifies after several days through the natural connective tissue (fibrosis).

Gesichtstraffung München bei Dr. Schuster Fadenlifting München | Dr. Bernd Schuster

Schematic of thread placement

The threads are placed and positioned with the patient, under local anesthesia. Using a hollow guiding needle, the barbed threads are led into the fat tissue via vector-like tunneling. After removal of the needle, the thread remains in position and attaches itself to the subcutaneous tissue. It then pulls this same tissue and secures it in the desired position. The ends of the thread are drawn, trimmed short and disappear under the skin. There are numerous application areas, such as:

  • Brow Lift
  • Mid-face Lift
  • Neck Lift

Halslift bei Dr. Bernd Schuster in München

Neck lift thread positioning

For minor procedures, i.e. the brow lift, the surgery lasts about 20 minutes, with ability to return to work after a few days. The surgery can be performed under local anesthesia or, if desired, as semiconscious sedation. The resorbable threads deteriorate after approximately 18 months. To a large extent, the holding effect lapses again, whereupon some residual suspension remains through the lift from scar tissue. The non-absorbable sutures hold for up to 3 years, remaining in the tissue and gradually losing their holding power. It is possible to replace the threads at any time.

Up to this point in time, there are no known complications from thread lifting of relevant magnitude. It provides a method that enables significant tautening of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, which is medium term, with minimal effort. It is practically risk-free. Of course, a face-lift is the more complete and permanent solution. However, in every respect, the effort of face-lift surgery is incomparably higher.

Recent indications for thread lifting include the upper arm lift, the nose tip lift, the nose reduction, the breast lift, and the buttock lift.

Oberarmstraffung bei Dr. Bernd Schuster in München Nasenspitzenkorrektur ohne OP

Our digital photo simulation can impressively illustrate the planned surgery. Complementing measures such as mesotherapy can firm the skin texture even further.
The Thread Lift – A New Dimension in Facial RejuvenationArticle in German by Dr. Bernd Schuster in ELLE PLUS on the Aptos thread lift.

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