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Hearing Loss Munich, an ENT Emergency!

What should you do if suddenly your hearing is disrupted, if an inexplicable noise threatens to blow your mind away? In the best-case scenario, it is just trivial earwax that can be quickly removed. However, what should you do if you have undergone an actual loss of hearing?

Hearing Loss Symptoms Munich

The symptoms of hearing loss are not uniform. Sometimes, hearing loss manifests itself as an isolated event, then as a combination of tinnitus and dizziness, or even as a pure ear or head tone, at times even with associated headaches. At other times, the event is not even noticed as it occurs and it is first recognized after the fact.

Preferably, in the first 24 hours after the event, a swift diagnosis followed immediately by therapy can significantly increase the chance of complete recovery of hearing.

Acute Hearing Loss Therapy Munich

Performance of the inner ear must be reinforced through circulation-promoting means.

Another defensive strategy is administration of free radical interceptors and, in the case of a delayed healing response, immune stimulation with acupuncture and autoimmune therapy.

A certain problem requiring particular attention is presented with patients who have a vulnerable inner ear. Often, they suffer from repetitive hearing loss. Above all, the aim with these cases is to trigger the immune system through special help and therapy.