Polypen entfernen bei Dr. Bernd Schuster in München


The adenoids, or polyps, are part of the lymphatic system and, thus, the immune system. These cauliflower-like structures in the nasopharynx are partially responsible for the stimulation of the immune system in infants, especially during the first months of life. However, some children come into external contact with germs that collect in their polyps, which often leads to continuous infection. This is something which many parents are familiar with. Like small sponges, the polyps absorb all the germs that primary and elementary schools offer, thereby building an inexhaustible reservoir of infection.

The removal of the polyps, or respectively, adenoidectomy, is one of the most common ENT surgeries. It aims to eliminate the outbreak of illness. This procedure requires outpatient surgery under short anesthesia. It is frequently combined with insertion of a middle ear ventilation tube and coblation, or laser tonsillotomy. The effect is almost immediate. Children are suddenly able to breathe and sleep better. Their susceptibility to infection is dramatically reduced. Hearing is restored to normal.