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Coblation is mainly applied to treat snoring (soft palate radio frequency ablation), or to improve nasal breathing through nasal turbinate reduction (turbinate coblation), as well as in tonsillotomy and tonsillectomy procedures.

Originally, coblation was used in orthopedic and arthroscopic surgery, where the low heat development with coblation made it possible to operate in the joint space. This technology was first applied in the U.S. in the ENT profession. It was introduced later in Europe.

„Coblation“ is a synthetic term that means „cold „and „removal“. Underlying this procedure is a technique, approved by the FDA, based on the transmission of radio frequency energy to the tissue through physiological saline solution. This technique has advantages because of the very limited application area as well as the low thermal heating required (maximum 40°C-70°C). The radio frequency energy generates a plasma current through stimulation of electrolytes in the saline solution. This leads to a sharply limited dissolution of molecular compounds in the area it is applied.

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With coblation, we are able to achieve both targeted volume reduction as well as tissue lifting with minimal demarcation to adjacent tissue. We consider this minimal thermal lesion to be a major advantage over laser, or electrocautery treatment, where thermal heating well over 400°C can occur. By using coblation, we can avoid unintentional damage to adjacent tissue and uncontrolled formation of scar tissue.