Lasertonsillotomie in München | Dr. Bernd Schuster

Coblation Tonsillotomy – Tonsil Reduction with Coblation

Coblation tonsillotomy is an especially gentle method to relieve your child of nightly interruptions in breathing (obstructive sleep apnea) in the case of excessively enlarged tonsils. With this method, the tonsils are not removed. A portion of the tonsil is merely clipped using the coblation wand. Only excess tissue is removed, thereby maintaining the function of the tonsils. The result is such that the remaining tonsil tissue can no longer close the pharynx, whereby night-time breathing interruptions are eliminated.

Coblation tonsillotomy is generally combined with polyp removal (adenoidectomy) and performed on an outpatient basis under short anesthesia.