Mittelohrchirurgie Modell | Dr. Schuster München

Middle Ear Surgery Tympanoplasty Munich

Chronic otitis media is an aggressive infection of the middle ear, which can spread to the mastoid bone. This causes progressive deterioration of the ossicles and eardrum, which can lead to continuous loss of the acoustic transmission function.

In this case, therapy consists of rehabilitative and reconstructive middle ear surgery. We perform these procedures under the surgical microscope, with the patient under general anesthesia (inpatient or outpatient).

We remove the inflamed tissue and, if necessary, drill away bone structures and create larger ventilation channels. In specific circumstances, we also reconstruct the ossicular chain. For this, we use ceramic, gold, or titanium implants.

In the case where a chronic middle ear infection has caused a perforated eardrum, we perform tympanoplasty to repair it. In this procedure, we finely obtain and prepare cartilage, skin, or muscle tissue, and place it carefully under the perforation. Afterwards, we close the skin and then insert antibiotic-soaked ointment ear packs in the ear canal, where they remain for approximately 10 days.

gesundes Trommelfell |HNO Dr. Schuster Normal
Chronische Mittelohrentzündung mit Löchern im Trommelfell | Dr. Schuster

Infection of the middle ear

Adhäsion des Trommelfells an den Mittelohrstrukturen | Dr. Schuster

Adhesive process: eardrum „sticks“ to the middle ear structures and fixes them (ossicles are characterized by the eardrum)